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NIB International Bank


Studionet wins NIB's Re-branding Bid

Your favorite kitchen has been awarded the bid to Re-Brand, Re-Energize one of the biggest private banks in Ethiopia. Nib International Bank is investing in long term brand equity. NIB will benefit from a newly conceptualized  brand management in the near future. This is the most effiicient way for local and regional banks and financial institutions to build wide recognition and respect within their marketplace.

For financial institutions, the need for and inherent opportunity in branding has never been greater, precicely because the product offerings and quality of service offered by most local and regional banks have become virtually identical. Good News: Our kitchen is exactly the environment in which strong brands have historically prevailed and spiced up.

"We have radically changed NIB's brand strategy and brand management in a concerted drive to build a brand which matches the success of their business and reflects its strategy for growth"

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