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Web Development for Hippo lounge


Our Client required fresh and professional branding along with the web site, Our kitchen has cooked one page dynamic and responsive website for Hippo lounge check out the website at

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Diaspora Square has Kicked off


“This Statue is a symbol of the best of what we can achieve together,”
Addis Ababa: On August 12, 2015 near Meganagna round about “ The Diaspora square” kicks off by placing a foundation stone today by his Honorable Mayor Deriba Kuma, Mayor of Addis Ababa, and His Excellency Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
The Government of Ethiopia has been taking different measures to ensure that the knowledge, experience, skills, and financial resources of Ethiopians in the Diaspora contribute to national growth. To mark these five-day Diaspora Day festivals “the first Diaspora Day” in Ethiopia, StudioNet has been commissioned to design and

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Premiere Switch Solutions
StudioNet  provided a trun key solution for PSS corporate branding including website development, ATM branding screen customization  Related links
PSS Ethiopia

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NIB International Bank


Studionet wins NIB's Re-branding Bid

Your favorite kitchen has been awarded the bid to Re-Brand, Re-Energize one of the biggest private banks in Ethiopia. Nib International Bank is investing in long term brand equity. NIB will benefit from a newly conceptualized  brand management in the near future. This is the most effiicient way for local and regional banks and financial institutions to build wide recognition and respect within their marketplace.

For financial institutions, the need for and inherent opportunity in branding has never been greater, precicely because the product offerings and quality of service offered by most local and regional banks have become virtually identical. Good Ne

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Jolly Bar and Grill


Our kitchen has cooked a delicious website for Jolly bar and Grill, we have used different spices to make this dish testy, the main ingredient of  this dish are PHP 5.0, different java scripts, XML files and our secret ingredient CSS to add extra flavor to the meal, it has multiple features like a music box embedded, so that different playlist of music will flow to the website viewers as thy navigate through multiple pages, a specially customized gallery album authentic pictures that has the real value of Jollyness of the website, you can check this website and  read  different blogs written by the author. You can also get access to the exact location and contact address of the bar, check out the event calendar to see what’s coming up

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